Friday, November 9, 2012

Staying Positive

Life seems to go along so much better when I stay in a positive frame of mind.  Each challenge that comes along isn’t directed at me personally - it is just a bump in the road.  When I don’t take it personally, I have a much easier time trying to find solutions.  

For example, today our ice machine decided to take a break.  We are in a new plant, so there are lots of adjustments to be made.  Learning how this ice machine works is one of them.  We need the ice to keep our product and orders very cold.  We put our orders in ice chests surrounded by ice.  This keeps the fish at its best.  We work on Saturdays, so we need ice!

We tried and tried to figure out what was going wrong.  We called a repairman, who said he’d be out between 2 - 4.  The repairman showed up at 4.  He didn’t know how our machine works, but looked it over.  While testing it, the machine started making ice again.  The really nice repairman said he didn’t do anything to make it work and he didn’t charge me any fee for coming out.  Now I’m sitting waiting for the ice bins to fill up before I go home.  

A long day - but I’ve got ice!!

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