Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Morning Prayer

Yesterday I flailed around for something to write about and found inspiration in another’s post.  It hit the mark for me.  This morning when I sat down at my computer, there on my bulletin board, right in the middle, is a printout I made and it says COURAGE.  I knew I need courage, I made a large colored poster for myself and yet I “forgot” my self talk.  

Maybe that is why it is a good practice to start the morning with prayer.  To whatever higher power you believe in, prayer is a thanksgiving for all you have.  By starting when the day is fresh, before it is cluttered with to dos and oughts and shoulds, we have an opportunity to give thanks for the little insights we do get.  This can be a way to build those traits we want to grow - like my courage - drop by drop.

This morning I am grateful that I get to enjoy another day.  I’m grateful that I have strong family and friends to walk with me along the path.  I am grateful that I get to stumble across small signs - like my own courage sign - as guideposts as to where I should go.  Thank you

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