Friday, November 23, 2012

Highs & lows

Yesterday was high - sort of and today is low - sort of. It's odd how good feelings can be torpedoed by small things.  It was such a nice day yesterday.  A fun run, good food being prepped, my grandkids over and helping out, my son and daughter expected.  Eight seats at the table - all expected to be filled.  Then my phone started making text message beeps - no daughter - headache. Son's friend went elsewhere.  Another was delayed at someone else's dinner.  From 8 to 5 and just as the expected family and friends faded from the table, as I removed each place setting, my mood sank a bit.

A beautiful day today.  An easy day of work - a mixed blessing.  I'd rather be slammed, but it was nice to cruise through the deliveries.  Went to the post office to pick up the mail.  There were many account payments and one bank envelope.  My mood was so high with the payments.  Then, I ripped open the bank letter and discovered someone had put a stop payment on a $4,000 check - ACK!!!  From high to low in the rip of an envelope.  No reason, not able to reach the customer - sigh . . . . 

We work hard.  Our mark up is small.  We put in lots of hours.  I'm having a hard time seeing the sunny side of this.

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