Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Savor little surprises

When I was in fourth grade, I always took a Mom made sack lunch to school.   It was almost always the same, a peanut butter sandwich on Wonder Bread, a piece of fruit, and something for desert.  Lucky would be a cookie or a brownie - unlucky would be some raisins.

I'll never forget the day I thought it was one of those unlucky ones. There at the bottom of my bag was that waxed paper pouch of raisins.  These were the days before plastic zip lock - waxed paper was the wrap of the day.  I was going to give the raisins a pass - but I was hungry and decided to give in and eat them.  I grabbed a couple - tossed them in my mouth and stopped in shock.

The warm smooth flavor of chocolate spread through my mouth, along with those tangy sweet raisins.  Mom mixed chocolate chips in with the raisins. JOY!  NOVELTY! FUN!  Oh happy day - all because of a few chocolate chips.  I even went home and thanked my mom for the lunch.

Everyday, there are little surprises that lead to joy - we just have to be willing to open what seems ordinary and savor the flavors of the day.

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