Thursday, November 29, 2012

More About the Way

No walking through snow - but girls had to wear dresses, no pants to school, church, and any other more formal place.  As a little girl, I remember wearing petticoats - kind of fluffy slips that made a skirt stand out.  Then we had white socks that folded over.  If it was an occasion, the socks had lace on the edge.  They had to be really really white.  If you were messy and they got a little smudgy with playground dirt they became play clothes.  Everything was starched and ironed.  There were degrees of starch.  I was not privy to the starch formulas, but I think they were added to the wash.  I do remember that heavy starch on Daddy’s dress white shirts was a bad thing.  He was very uncomfortable.

I know that in Scotland men wear kilts, but those are heavy woolen things that have pleats of thick fabric.  I mostly wore cotton print dresses that really didn’t have much thickness.  Morning winter winds were the bane of my existence.  They would fly along the street, whirl around my legs, create goosebumps, and then for good measure flip my dress up.  Mostly this happened when I was standing in line at the bus stop (previous post) along with 8 - 9 other kids from my street. Flipped up dresses lead to teasing taunts from the boys.  That was followed by a game of “you can’t catch me” as I would try to bean the offending boy for his jeers.  I was not fond of being an 8 year old Marilyn Monroe.  

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