Saturday, November 10, 2012


The world wide web and I go way back to ARPNET.  I used to use a teletype terminal to log into MIT to chat with the sysop there when I was a bored teletype operator for a commodities company in San Francisco in the early 1970s.  I used to play a text adventure game on line where you go into the forest, find a cottage, enter the cottage, take the lamp and the key.  Then you go find a cave, light the lamp and start to explore.  You couldn’t save your game, so I had to hope for large lumps of time with no orders.  Playing sure did speed up my typing as I raced to complete the steps I knew so that I could adventure on.

Life is a bit like that old adventure game.  There are some steps that are so familiar that they become rote.  Sometimes I race through those steps so that I can get “to the good stuff;” the new and unknown.  Mindfullness suggests that we enjoy all the parts of our life, the familiar and unfamiliar both.  We should savor each day, each action, each person we encounter.  Just as the internet has evolved, so too has my life.  It is richer and fuller and for this I’m thankful.  

As I take the lamp. . . .

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