Friday, August 10, 2012

Miscellaneous Questions

If God creates everything and puts us all exactly where we are supposed to be, then everyone is in their right place.  Why should I believe that someone is following the wrong path when they make choices I don’t agree with?  Why would their religious path to God be wrong?  Can I tell a red rose it’s supposed to be white? 

When I am ranting against other’s beliefs and choices, maybe I should be looking inside instead and try to figure out what exactly I’m afraid of.

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  1. this is good stuff cydney...willingness to do anything opens doors..especially things we are fearful of...Yep, i agree...we are all exactly where we are suppose to be...i feels its impossible not to judge, we are human...when im judging i realize there's probably something internally i need to address...i think to concentrate on intentions, and kindness, and above all honesty w/ one self and others is way more important than to judge myself for judging...progress not perfection..congrats to you and the Jones Family on your new biz...J