Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Sunday I saw a film about San Francisco’s Playland at the Beach.  It was a great reminder of gentler times.  Playland was sort of like Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, but with more fog.  The Fun House was my favorite and apparently the favorite of many attending the movie.  We all giggled and laughed at the same places.  

There were five story wooden slides you rode down on a burlap sack.  There were moving walk ways with steam shooting up at random moments; a great big rotating barrel that you tried to get through without falling down; a spinning wooden platter that you tried to stay on, but would get shot off of; mirror mazes and fun house mirrors.  Laughing Sal was queen of the party and her fellow clown guests hung out all along the walls and ceiling.  

A simpler time, but so much fun.  Memory lane is a great place to spend some time and all the sweeter when shared with new friends who’ve been down the same road.

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