Sunday, August 12, 2012


I’ve started re-reading some of the books I loved and kept from when I was younger.  I think education is wasted on the young.  I remember plowing through these books trying to determine what my teachers would think were the important parts.  I seldom stopped to try and understand or test or evaluate the content for myself.  Now I find real enjoyment in these reads.  I find that I’m more enchanted and engaged.  

For example, I’ve been reading Walden.  I am in harmony with Thoreau and his love of the wilderness.  I have my personal Walden Pond that I’d love to spend two years living beside.  The way he resonates with my thoughts and feelings has obscured the fact that there is a certain arrogance in his observations.  The cult of poverty is not the perfect solution to excess, it is only another way.  I realize that I need to be careful of wholesale adoption of ideas that are in sync with mine.  The more valuable are probably those I resist.  Those will lead to more insight.

Rucker Lake, CA

Yet, any friend with a wood lot that they’d let me mind for two year - let me know.  I’d be glad to undertake the challenge.

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