Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lost Voice

There was a little girl who loved to dance and sing and shout.  She would dance her way around town and sing about all the joys and shout out to her friends.  

Bumpity bumpily bump bump about town she would go.  Fa la la, fa la la, fidgety fa la la la la she would sing to the sky.  

One day a new thing came.  It had fuzz between its toes.  It cried and everyone said shhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t upset the baby.

The little girl would dance and sing and the new thing would cry and the big ones would say shhhhhhh.  

bumpily bumpily bump - shhhhhhhh.

Fa la la, fa la la fidgety - shhhhhhhh.

When she asked them to return the shhhhhhh monster, the big ones laughed and said that “one day, she’ll be your best friend.” 

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