Monday, August 20, 2012

Fantasy vs Reality

What are you dreaming about?”  asked my Mom, my teachers.  I seemed often to drift off to fantasy land as a child.  In those days it was about solving great mysteries, or being the first woman president and bringing peace to the world, or just about becoming an adult so that I could control my life.  

I still day dream.  I travel to foreign lands. I have a seat at Dorothy Parker’s Algonquin Round Table.  I drive a really cute AND fast little convertible along the California coast. I find a solution for the homeless that provides them with dignity without adding to their problems.  I spend an entire week reading books and eating oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk.  I walk the Pacific Crest Trail - with no blisters or bears or mountain lions.

There is so much to explore.  Thank you God for giving me a great tool to see the many and varied possibilities in this world.  Thank you for letting me adventure on.

  • Penny - the warm hello from my neighbor.
  • Pebble - the grey haired fellow who gave his shopping cart to the lady with the cane.
  • Ponder - which dreams to I want to make reality?

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