Monday, October 15, 2012

Long days, I don't know how to fit in all I want to do.  I start in one direction and end up in a totally different place.  Up before dawn and out to the new plant to turn on the ice machine.  It doesn't work.  Figure I'm going to need to get the electrician out to fix it.  Back to move my computer and files.  Back to the plant to wait and work. 

Ice machine fixed about 3 pm, but new problem found - a bulge in the ceiling - ?????? contractor comes and figures the potential cause and solution. . . wait and see.  Home and find that the trees were trimmed way more than I expected.  It kind of feels like a woman with a too short skirt.  Can't paste the branches back.  

Dinner - nice petrale sole - the benefit of the business.  Back to the plant to turn off the ice machines - fill the van with gas - high high prices.  Back to check the orders and do more paperwork.  Now it's 8pm and I'm just trying to write something and all I can do is a recap of the day.  

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