Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How high?

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted so much more.  If she had a lollypop, she wanted a day long sucker.  If she had one toy, she wanted the whole store.  The now was never enough.  

She thought that if she plotted and planned enough, she could “make things happen.”  And, often she could because no one cared as much as she did.  Social climbing?  Who cared.  But she did.  She spent so much time figuring out how to make other people do what she wanted, she forgot to enjoy it when she got it.  She never lived in the now.  She was never happy because she could never rest, she could never enjoy.  Her life was one treadmill trip of what other people think of me.  She never felt good enough because there might be that one person out there who was so important and might not think good of her.  

She kept building and building that house of cards.  It would shimmy and shake, but still she would build it higher.  When she had to take cards from her friends to buid it higher, she felt they didn’t deserve those cards - she could use them better - so with callous conscience, she took their cards.  When she needed more cards, she looked around and started taking them from her family.  After all, they didn’t need those cards - she could use them better.

Higher and higher those cards went - up to the sky.  She climbed and climbed and pretty soon no one could see her.  Pretty soon no one remembered her.

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