Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Writing was a joy.  It was like painting with words.  Once upon a time words had color and texture.  Laying them on a page made me pause as I teased out the images I wanted to share.

Today I was driving and listening to NPR as they talked about politics in Chicago and then in Washington D.C.  Later a program came on about Sacramento political doings.  A few days ago I read a blog about Advertising and how it started with the snake in the Garden of Eden.  All this spinning of ideas and words - it all gives me a giant headache.  Words used to feel friendly.  Now I feel like they are something to be wary of.

Fine print - be ware

Trust me - be ware

News - be ware

Words from the mouth of any one over the age of 7 - be ware

How to find friendly words again?

Set the example - tell the truth

Say what you feel

Say when you don't know

Ask  and then LISTEN

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