Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bedeviled is how I feel when dealing with government employees and agencies.  I feel mired in a point of view that doesn't seem to care about my limited resources of time and money.  They can spin wheels, and ask minute questions, and re-convein meetings to read documents, while I am paying with my hard earned time and money.

My days a filled already.  How am I to carve time for these intrusive investigations?  And what is the outcome to be?  I do my paperwork truthfully and as carefully as I can.  I have no extra funds, but they seem bent on pursuing me.

As I child I read a story about Brier Rabbit and how he got stuck in a Brier patch by a tar baby.  The more he pushed and pulled to get free, the deeper he was sucked in.  While the story is little told in these days of political correctness, that is exactly how I feel.  I am Brier Rabbit and the government is the Tar Baby.  If I fight or defend myself, I will be sucked deeper and deeper until I disappear in the tar patch.

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