Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back - if I'm bothering you, sorry

I started this blog because I thought it would be great to be accountable to the great "out there" for a daily or almost daily journal.  I stopped because I don't seem to know how the control panel of this works and when I was posting, I was bothering some people. How they got my posts, I have no clue, but they did.   They didn't want to be bothered with my thoughts and feelings.

I'm starting again.  I need an outlet and a sounding board.  You, the big "OUT THERE" are it.  If you get this and don't want it - let me know.  Or, maybe you could just delete me and go about your day.  If you put me in your junk file or filter - I'm not insulted, actually I probably won't even know.

I need a new beginning.  My body is aging and I need a way to be accountable to keep me moving and growing and thinking so that I don't rust.  Body with rust is bad!

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